The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) mandates that low-power FM stations must broadcast for at least 12 hours a day, and provide at least 8 hours of local content. LPFM stations also must adhere to the FCC’s non-commercial regulations, which can make finding content difficult.

For a 24-hour LFPM, this leaves up to 16 hours of airtime that might possibly be vacant. Most syndication networks do not accommodate LPFM stations, potentially placing them at a disadvantage at competing with other radio stations in their market.

NexRadio Networks is the #1 syndicate for low-power FM radio stations. We offer professional, high-quality radio programming that gives you the ability to greatly improve your results.

We adhere to the FCC’s non-profit standards for LPFMs, and place underwriting spots to substitute our regular commercial advertisements. Along with the underwritings, we provide local spots in between segments.

Local spots can be filled with news, traffic, weather, promos, sponsorship messages, local contesting, station jingles/sweeper imaging or music.

After the local spot, it is followed by rejoining the network at the following segment in que.

We also offer custom station ID’s, which personalizes the show to your radio station.

Shows are uploaded though a free cloud software that can be easily downloaded onto any computer, which provides a simple and effective way to distribute and receive programming. Our method has been especially beneficial to LPFM radio stations.

If you are an LPFM owner or program director, please do not hesitate in contacting us, and we will provide you with more information to transform your low power station into a radio powerhouse.